4. General Purpose Client Platforms

4.1 General Purpose Desktop Client Platforms
4.1.1 Desktop computer hardware and Interconnections
4.1.2 Desktop operating systems

4.1.3 Remote access clients for desktop platforms
4.1.4 Local printers, scanners, speakers, cameras, other peripherals
4.1.5 Antivirus Software for desktop clients
4.1.6 Removable storage media for desktops
4.1.7 Backup and restore systems
4.1.8 Desktop security technologies - smart cards, authentication, identification, expiration, physical security

4.2 Notebook (Laptop) Client Platforms
4.2.1 Notebook Computer Hardware and Interconnections
4.2.2 Notebook Computer Operating Systems
4.2.3 Remote Access Clients for Notebook Platforms
4.2.4 Portable Printers, Scanners, Wireless, other Peripherals (including PCMCIA cards)
4.2.5 Virus Scanner Software for Notebook Clients
4.2.6 Removable Storage Media for Notebook 
4.2.7 Backup and Restore Systems
4.2.8 Notebook Security Technologies - smart cards, authentication, identification, expiration, physical security

4.3 Hand-held and Wearable Client Platforms
4.3.1 Hand-held and Wearable Computer Hardware and Interconnections
4.3.2 Hand-held Computer Operating Systems
4.3.3 Remote Access Clients for Hand-held Platforms
4.3.4 Portable Hand-held and Wearable Peripherals
4.3.5 Virus Scanner Software for Hand-held Platforms
4.3.6 Removable Storage Media for Hand-held Platforms
4.3.7 Backup and Restore Systems
4.3.8 Hand-held Device Security Technologies - authentication, identification, expiration, physical security