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2.2.2 Data Loading & Organizing Tools

Description: Data bulk extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools, and tools to support the structuring and tagging of files in data management systems.

Category: 2 - Data Management   Subcategory: 2 - Development Data Management Tools
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automation of complex conversion tasks; built-in algorithms and interfaces; speed.

Usage and Dependencies

Industry Usage: This category contains a variety of special tools used for loading of legacy data into new database environments. These tools are collectively referred to as Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools.

SC Usage: Standardization of relational data on SQL Server has eliminated the need for such tools for relational database ETL tools.

SC Impacts: The advent of SharePoint XML-based web storage for unstructured data (in the Electronic Information Management system) may require the use of special tools in the future, such as HiSoftware Metadata server.

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