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1.2.7 Application Design and Process Modeling Tools

Description: Application design, business process modeling, and other software engineering tools for defining use cases and work processes.

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  Rational Rose
Rational Suite


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Industry Position: N-tier architecture is the predominant industry development approach and is the way that SC is addressing application development needs. Best-of-breed database modeling tools (e.g., ERwin, Rational Rose) address the need for a coherent approach to N-tier application development. The current products in this technology are mature and are providing good results. The Unified Modeling Language standard (UML) will drive integration of the various OO modeling tools available today. Component-based development is already standard in the industry, and object-oriented development is the full form of this trend. Rational Software provides application design along with some preliminary code generation, and upgrades will include the automated generation of Visual Basic Script code for improved Web-aware systems. The SC development environment will present a mix of OO and managed component development approaches. Application development that must support remote access and intermittent connectivity can benefit from OO design.

SC Baseline Description: SC is currently using Rational Rose for modeling application requirements and ERwin for data modeling. During FY01-02, a Lifecycle Toolset project has been funded to select and acquire an augmented set of application development tools. The leading tools from several vendors will be evaluated during this project.

SC Application Architecture: All applications seeking to support an SC-wide, centralized database will benefit from the use of standard UML- and OO-based tools. All SC applications requiring remote access capabilities will benefit from OO design considerations.

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