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1.3.1 Software Code and Scripts

Description: Source code libraries and scripts that may be available for reuse in new business applications/systems.

Category: 1 - Authoring and Editing   Subcategory: 3 - Special Purpose Software Tools and Components




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Ease of development, backward compatibility, interoperability, stability, features, reuse, speed.

Usage and Dependencies

Note: Category 1.2.1 describes programming language usage; this category refers only to packaged code and class libraries that are sold commercially.

Industry Usage: Visual Basic is the most widely used programming language, and in the web environment, VBScript is the basis for Active Server Pages. Due to the generosity of programmers, there is a vast amount of free and low-cost VB and ASP source code available on various web sites and CD ROMs. Supported commercial packages are also available for these languages. Also, high-quality packages of Java programs for graphics, data access, and specialized applications are commercially available.

The same cannot be said for the newer languages such as C#, and standard schemas to support XML are very limited. A few of them are available, for instance, on the site of the BizTalk network.

SC Usage: Individual programmers have their own collections of reusable code, but commercial packages are not used or required in most applications. The Plumtree portal contains a collection of "gadgets" which are ready to install on a web server. See details about these under category 3.3.1: Portals.

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