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3.1.2 Calendars and Scheduling Tools

Description: Systems used for exchanging meeting dates, contacts and related information among workgroups.

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  Outlook Web Access


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Ease of use; easy to synchronize calendar data with desktop client; audio support.

Usage and Dependencies

Industry Usage: Calendar and scheduling tools are usually linked to email systems for coordination and distribution of schedule information, and are usually used for meetings and other personal events. Task schedulers are more appropriately listed in the project management tools category (1.1.3).

Microsoft Outlook is the dominant calendar tool on both desktop and portable clients. Survey results from a recent mobile device conference depicted Microsoft Outlook as the No. 1 groupware platform for mobile device synchronization, with a 49 percent share of almost 600 users surveyed. About 75% of hand-held devices synchronize via a cradle with the user's desktop machine.

Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices have built a significant following by providing wireless e-mail access, but calendar information could only be updated when the device was connected to a user's computer, and access to the Internet was unavailable. RIM has addressed these issues with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 2.1, which lets users send updated calendar information to and from their central system. RIM also is forming an alliance with GoAmerica Communications Inc., a wireless Internet service provider. RIM will incorporate the GoWeb browser into BlackBerry devices, which will provide text-only access to Web sites. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server 2.1 is available now for use with Microsoft Exchange systems, with pricing starting at $2,999.

XML can provide the means for increased interoperability of calendaring and collaborative apps. Microsoft plans in 2002 to launch XML-based middleware called HailStorm that would let its own applications and those built by independent software developers share data about a PC user's payment preferences, personal contacts, and calendar entries.

SC Usage: Microsoft Outlook 2000 is the current calendar application for all SC desktops. There is also widespread use of RIM Blackberry, Palm, and other portable platforms that contain calendar applications.

SC Application Impacts: SC's Daytimer is an in-house built calendar application. A wireless platform for this will be identified in an enhanced version of Daytimer.

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