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3.1.9 Chat Systems

Description: Text-based conferencing software communications, such as chat systems.

Category: 3 - Communication Technologies   Subcategory: 1 - General Purpose Communication Technologies
Old Category: none




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Performance Metrics

Ease of use; ease of deployment; bandwidth demand; interoperability.

Usage and Dependencies

Industry Usage: On Microsoft Platforms, NetMeeting provides many advanced collaboration features. With NetMeeting's comprehensive suite of data conferencing tools, you can collaborate and share information with two or more meeting participants in real-time. You can share information from one or more applications on your computer, exchange graphics or draw diagrams with the electronic whiteboard, send messages, or record meeting notes and action items with the text-based chat program, and send files to other meeting participants using the binary file transfer capability.

SC Usage: NetMeeting 3 is bundled with Windows 2000 and other Microsoft applications on SC desktops. However, it is not widely used, perhaps due to a lack of user training.

SC Application Impacts: Indirect; this is a general-purpose communications tool.

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