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4.2.2 Hand-held Computer Operating Systems

Description: Notebook and hand-held computer operating systems.

Category: 4 - Client Platforms   Subcategory: 2 - Hand-held Client Platforms
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Windows XP Pro


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End user productivity; ease of use; reliability; security; power saving; communications management features; interoperability.

Usage and Dependencies

Industry Usage: Windows 98 2nd Edition, Windows ME, and Windows 2000 Professional are the current operating system options for small desktop and notebook computers. Of these, Windows 2000 Pro provides the best energy management features for saving battery power, as well as more stability and more plug-and-play capability. However, it does require substantially more RAM and disk space. A minimum of 128MB of RAM is generally needed.

At this point it is evident that Windows 2000 is really a 2001 product, and enterprises are gradually beginning to deploy it in larger numbers. Meanwhile, Microsoft has already begun to introduce its successor, Windows XP. This OS, Microsoft claims, will further improve mobile users' ability to access their information any time, anywhere. Its features include: a network connection folder; a remote desktop screen; offline file management and viewing; a synchronization manager; improved power saving features; hot docking; and enhanced audio and video streaming.

SC Usage: SC is currently in the process of migrating its desktop standard from Windows 95 to Windows 2000. Windows NT is already running on the desktops of many support personnel, and the rollout of Windows 2000 to all SC user desktops will be completed in 2001. The Macintosh OS is contained to a few users who have SC-mediated access only to web browser-based clients such as Outlook Express and Web browsers.

SC Application Impacts: All architected applications require Windows 95 or Windows 2000 Pro. All current and future applications development and software deployment are based on a true 32-bit platform. All legacy 16-bit applications will soon be migrated to the 32-bit platform.

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Windows XP

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