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4.2.4 Portable Printers, Scanners and other Peripherals

Description: Accessories and peripherals for notebooks.

Category: 4 - Client Platforms   Subcategory: 2 - Hand-held Client Platforms




Industry UsageSC Usage

Performance Metrics

Security, reliability, ease of use, speed, area of wireless network coverage (in USA and global).

Usage and Dependencies

Industry Usage: Hardware accessories and peripherals for portable computers include bar code readers, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, infrared adapters, PCMCIA or CompactFlash Ethernet cards, FAX/Modem cards, wireless cards, add-on mass storage drives such as CD ROM and Iomega Zip drives, printers, SmartMedia cards and other types of memory chips, and adapters/cables.

Wireless LAN/WAN communications depends on the service provider, which generally supplies the hardware that is compatible with this service. Coverage varies with the vendor, so this will be one of the key drivers of the choice of provider.

SC Usage: Some SC portable computers have wireless LAN support via a Ricochet packet radio wireless network server from Metricom.

SC Application Impacts: As with all portable services, end user functionality for business applications is limited, and must be carefully considered in the identification of appropriate products.

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