Table of Contents


Title Of Project

  1. Purpose/Objective
  2. Description
  3. Customers And Stakeholders
  4. Resource Requirements Estimate
    1. Labor
    2. Hardware/Software
    3. Other Direct Costs
  5. Performance Measures and/or Expected Performance Measurements
  6. Dependencies
  7. Completion Dates
  8. Timeline
  9. Lead Responsibilities
  10. Exceptions
  11. Timing Conditions
  12. Project Risks
  13. Approval/Concurrence



The Project Plan is the initial lifecycle project scope document used to receive approval for a SC information management project. All sections must be completed to receive approval to begin the project. The project planning process allows dates to be entered into the integrated schedule as a baseline for planning purposes, and is subject to adjustment and revisions as the project life cycle and its milestones are achieved.

Project Title

Identify the title of the proposed project including version number if required.

  1. Purpose/Objective
  2. Reference the SC strategic plan and/or business model requirement being satisfied.

  3. Description
  4. Provide a description of the project using any SC strategic planning information available to link the project to the SC business model.

  5. Customers And Stakeholders
  6. Identify all business stakeholders, customer groups and key users involved in the project.

  7. Resource Requirements Estimate
  8. Provide a complete resource estimate to include labor, hardware/software and any other direct costs associated with the project.

    1. Labor
    2. Hardware/Software
    3. Other Direct Costs
  9. Performance Measures and/or Expected Performance Measurements
  10. Identify any key performance measures associated with the project and, when possible, link the performance measures to overall SC and IM performance measure criteria.

  11. Dependencies
  12. Identify all project dependencies that should be considered in completing this project. Use the SC strategic and operational plans and any external activities available.

  13. Completion Dates
  14. Identify all SC life cycle s-list milestone completion dates.

  15. Timeline
  16. Provide a high-level life cycle project Gantt chart/timeline.

  17. Lead Responsibilities
  18. Identify lead responsibilities/roles associated with the project.

  19. Exceptions
  20. Identify any exceptions to performing milestones on the standard SC life cycle s-list process.

  21. Timing Conditions
  22. Include any special timing considerations needed to perform this project.

  23. Project Risks
  24. Identify all potential project risks and steps to be taken to mitigate those risks.

  25. Approval/Concurrence

Include an appropriate SC concurrence/approval section.